Visa Price for Vietnam: An Overview of the Visa Payment Process

Visa Price for Vietnam: An Overview of the Visa Payment Process

As at August 29, 2016, the visa price for Vietnam happens to be $200, subject to change from government authorities without any premonition. Visa fees have to be in the form of CASHIER’S CHECK OR MONEY ORDER payable to “EMBASSY OF VIETNAM.” People applying at the same time may submit joint payment in one check or one money order.

For more questions that concern the Vietnam Visa Application, feel free to contact the Vietnamese Authorities through e-mail at

Processing Time and Procedures for Applying for Visa via Embassy

Prepare your visa package, and it must include your completed visa application form, passport photos, fees, original passport and prepaid envelop* and send it to a Vietnamese Consular Authority, as selected the “place of visa submission and collection” field situated on the online visa form. Go to the column on the right of this page for the address information and respective website. Please ensure that you double check their website so as to get the most up-to-date mailing information.

Usual processing time is five business days following the receipt of the previously mentioned documents. Expedited processing is a possibility at a cost and it requires 1-2 business days upon receipt. Go to the price chart above for fees. Ensure that you keep your tracking numbers from and to the Embassy.

Getting a visa on arrival:

In lieu of a visa application at the Vietnamese consulate, the Vietnam Immigration Bureau has introduced online visas or arrival visas to apply for online invitations with Vietnamese companies so that they can apply for an invitation to obtain a visa upon arrival.

Every foreign tourist can get an invitation letter to receive a Vietnamese visa today on arrival. There is no longer any need to get a visa stamp at the Vietnamese consulate before your stay.

Is this visa on arrival a regular visa?

That’s right. Vietnam entering departure and departure administration authority (jurisdiction of Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam) We approve and manage your online visa and invitation card. The invitation letter is filled in by the Vietnamese in English, signed by the Director of the Departure and Immigration Bureau of Vietnam, the stamp is pushed so that we can receive visa when we arrive in Vietnam.

Why do you need an application letter?

Foreigners entering Vietnam must invited by Vietnamese corporation, Vietnamese friends etc, who are scheduled to visit or make a guarantee by Vietnam immigration authorities for visa application permission. In order to obtain permission number of Immigration Bureau, it is necessary to send contents of the copy of passport photograph page, stay schedule table, company job title, hotel name to Vietnam corporation, friends etc. The required number of days is about 5 days and you can obtain the permission number. After that, we will apply for this visa number at the Embassy of your country in Vietnam to apply for a Vietnamese company visit visa.

How much will tourists have to pay for these visas?

Visa amount received upon arrival includes two types of fee:

The Service fee paid to the embassy online to send invitation letter arrangements and their approval letters to your email.

The Stamp fee is a bit different. When you arrive at the destination airport in Vietnam, you will need to pay the US $ 25 for a single entry visa this is good for up to 3 months, US $ 50 as multiple entry visa which is valid for up to several months, as a business visa and this is valid for around six months. You must pay 90 US dollars or 135 US dollars, which is valid for around a year. The amount that you end up paying the stamp fee will determine the length of time that your visa will be valid for.

What should you know about these visas?

These visas have got a re-entry clause or exception. Anyway, it means that you can not re-enter Vietnam unless it has passed more than 30 days since your last departure.

For example, you can not go to Cambodia next door using the weekend and return to the weekend. (The point is that you can not go back and forth between neighboring countries based on Vietnam unless you have a certain period of time. So, especially those who are planning to travel in Asia, including Vietnam, are wary of caution. Such is a visa application for the first time, it can be a complicated process. And that is why it is always better to get help from a processing agency if you want to apply for a visa to gain entry into Vietnam.

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