Squishies: Exploring the Latest Fad in Kids Entertainment

Squishies: Exploring the Latest Fad in Kids Entertainment

Get set for the new toy favorite among children! Squishies are attracting the attention of several youngsters. Garnering the attention of numerous children, the squishies such as those in the Windsor smiths home collection have overwhelmed vending machines as cute pencil toppers. Encased in small clear plastic balls, these mini pencil toppers are a lot of squishy forms. The child-friendliness of the game is also incorporated into the pencil toppers for they are soft and non-toxic. They are perfectly safe for any kid that’s more three years of age.

For only a few drops of coins, one could enjoy the lovable charm of the Squishies in the shape of pencil toppers. Each squishy perfectly suits any normal pen or pencil. Get one yourself so that you will be able to see what we mean.

Rare Squishy pencil toppers are available as well. The rare pencil toppers glow in the dark and are positioned inside red balls. But every Squishy has a undisclosed code that could be used to get free items in the Sqwishland game. This clarifies why they are all the rage among children at the moment.

The fun in getting these Squishies is a lot more reminiscent of that in collecting 90s toys such as beanie babies, action figures, Tamagochi and such. However, Squishies are a lot cheaper to collect.

Now that it is the holiday season, you are probably looking for a trendy toy that your kid will actually love. This is so that you can get them that trendy toy for their Christmas present. Do you know what your child wrote on their Christmas list for Santa Claus? Do not worry: here is a list of trendy toys that are fashionable, with which you cannot miss.

Trendy toys for kids of all-ages: Squishy toys

These kinds of toys are incredibly trendy right now. And the main reason why squishy toys are trending this year is that they are really adorable. These kinds of toys can come in all shapes and sizes, from seals to piggies. If you are looking for a cute gift toy that you know your kid will like, then you will not go wrong if you decide to purchase a squishy toy made by Windsor Smith. This is because a lot of kids love cuddling with their squishy toys! Squishy toys are also popular with parents because these are safe and affordable. Even very young children can enjoy playing with these soft toys as well.

Toys for young infants

From birth to six months of age, parents have to look for toys that make their senses develop or have high-contrast images. The suggested toys are crib gyms, floor gyms, teething toys, cloth toys, soft dolls, stuffed animals (with a soft cloth), musical toys.

Trendy toys for toddlers

At this stage, the babies begin to develop the motor part further, so that they can already sit, walk and be able to open and close toys as well as stack them. Suggested toys in this age range are strollers, blocks, push and pull toys, water toys, dolls as well as musical instruments.

Trendy toys for 2 to 4-year-old kids

Toys that encourage children’s creativity are perfect for this age, like games of art. To develop the physical part, the games for this age are those of climbing, jumping and throwing. Suggested toys are building blocks, blocks with letters and numbers, puzzles with knobs, dolls that can be bathed, fed and changed dress diapers and accessories, sand toys, tricycle, and helmet, shape classifiers, theater, stuffed animals.

Children already have physical activity in school, have a great power of fantasy and use their imagination a lot. The toys recommended for this age are tricycles, bicycles, construction toys, puzzles allow to play as a family and share a unique moment, as well as simple board games, stuffed animals, dolls with their respective accessories.
Just because a toy is trendy does not mean that you should buy it right away. Review and follow the ages suggested in the packaging of the toy. The classification by age does not refer to the child’s intelligence but is a guide based on the development skills of the children at a certain age taking into account the specific characteristics of the toy. Avoid toys with sharp points, sharp edges or barbs, especially for younger children. This is so that you can get an age-appropriate toy for your child.

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