If You Want a Trouble-free Condo Purchase, Read This

If You Want a Trouble-free Condo Purchase, Read This

Purchasing a condominium offers a few benefits – affordability, less maintenance, living closer inside of town. However getting a twin vew condo is different from buying a single-family home. Knowing the differences, and the specific things you should search for while buying is essential if you would like to be happy after the closing.

Get Clear on How It’s Different

Having a condo is like a cross between possessing a home and owning an apartment. Every owner has to work well together to maintain the community and the buildings. The advantage associated with this arrangement are awesome – you normally have fewer maintenance requirements than what’s obtainable in a separate home, and condos are mostly cheaper than a comparable size home. But, you also have to be at the mercy of the condo association and the other owners to solve problems, something they are not always good at doing.

Have it at the back of your mind that the condo association happens to be the lifeblood of your neighborhood. Without a functioning condo association, you will more than likely have a bitter experience. Spend a little time speaking with your Realtor on what to expect when you own a condo and the stuffs you should search for when buying.

Look at the location

When you look for a condominium unit, whether it is in the project, newly built or inhabited, place it on a map and see if it is close to the places you frequent: work center, schools, supermarkets, pharmacies, clinics, banks, cinemas.


See if the building is in a developed area

If next to the building where the condo you are interested in there are more similar properties, or if there are parks nearby, or if you are in a quiet area, then your new home will gain value. This is a case in the future you think about selling your condominium unit.

Keep in mind on what floor is the condo that you want

Most people like low floors, although buying a condo there costs more. A unit of the high floors also has its advantages: it has more light, there is less noise and it has better views. With regard to light, it is important to see what environment of the property has better natural lighting.

See how many neighbors you will have

If you want to live in a building with a few condo units, very good! But the maintenance cost will be higher. On the contrary, having many neighbors will reduce costs. Look also at the garage spaces, can any type of vehicle? Are they fixed or shared?

Check the plans carefully

If it is a project condominium building, beyond the construction companies comply with what they offer, see if the distribution of environments that will satisfy you. Is the kitchen too small? Do you want two and not three bedrooms? If you do not like it, do not hesitate, look for another project.

Know the true measurements

Likewise, if it is a developing condominium building project, make sure you have the exact measurements of the condo space. In some brochures the furniture appears on a small scale, giving the impression that the building is large, but when it comes to living, the surprise is unpleasant. Also look at the height of the roof, thickness of floors and walls, location of columns, size of windows, electrical connections, wiring, etc.

Look at the materials and quality

Both factors are related. A building may be old, but be well built, with good materials. A new building can be a cardboard house. If the department is in the project, then you have to demand that the construction company comply with what you have offered, because without a doubt the quality of materials should have attracted your attention, right?

Think about whether you will use the common spaces

Modern buildings now have common spaces: meeting rooms, children’s playroom, internal gardens, gym. Take into account if you will use them because they generate an additional cost. In any case, choose a building without those environments.

Take into account the seller’s reputation

If it is a new or planned project, bear in mind if the construction company is known, prestigious if it has complied with other clients. If it is a used condo unit, go to Public Records and ask for a real estate registration certificate to know the history of the property and know if the person who sells is indeed the owner.

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