Evaluating the Importance of the 4K Thin Bezel Monitor

Evaluating the Importance of the 4K Thin Bezel Monitor

The monitor is one most important PC peripherals. There are a lot of various types of PC monitors and getting the appropriate one is very crucial. Technology has really improved and this heralded the incursion of advanced monitors into the market. The thin bezel monitors are the most recent entrants to the series and they appear to come with better functionality. The fact that the 4K thin bezel monitor is really slimmer, is an attractive factor for most consumers.

These thin bezel monitors are becoming increasingly popular, because of the advances in technology that they embrace, they have refurbished the panel technology by introducing such thin bezels on monitors. Most people may want to move with technology and purchase these monitors but are not certain on how to go about it.

As the technology improves, requirements are becoming increasingly less relevant and aesthetics are gaining on importance. We want monitors that perform very well and look even better and we want them without having to pay too much money. Even though you get the impression that there’s a lot of hype surrounding these bezel monitors, they usually come with a great number of advantages.

Is it more than just higher resolution?

Often one hears to this question only the answer: More details, because of the higher resolution. That’s right, but it’s not the only reason. The higher resolution also results in a more usable area on the display. If you leave the scaling within the operating system the same, you get with a 4K display four times the surface compared to a Full HD display. Theoretically, you could watch a Full HD video while playing a game in Full HD while still having two browser tabs open. So much space can be available, which is useful for tasks like photo and video editing. For example, space allows Full HD video to be displayed in full resolution while still displaying the various editing tools.

Is there a huge difference between 4K and Full-HD resolution?

In short: Yes. 4K or even UHD content contains four times the image information, so the image is sharper even with a short viewing distance or larger screen diagonals. The font is more pleasant, movies and videos more detailed, crisp. The difference is also visible to the naked eye. As a result, the content is even more lifelike, more natural, since the slightly angular representation of the square pixels is barely visible.

4K or UHD is vastly superior to FHD

Yes, the resolution produces something in both Full HD and UHD. But the crisp 4K image quality can even go one step further: rich contrasts and colours push the picture to the limits of brilliance. Ultra HD can score higher colour fidelity with no gray haze and deepest black compared to Full HD. Thanks to the excellent distribution of brightness in the backlight, no dark spots distort the image reproduction. Last but not least, gamers experience all the videos and games from a like action to Z like zombie their true play miracle thanks to short reaction time.

Can your computer or device play in 4K?

Modern notebooks and PCs are almost all able to play 4K content. Of course, that does not apply to games in 4K resolution, but primarily for videos and normal surfing. Native support for this, for example, Intel’s integrated into the processor HD graphics. Theoretically, the graphics chips have supported the resolution since Intel’s Ivy Bridge generation – that is, since the 3rd generation of the Core i processors that were introduced in 2012. Whether you have a suitable processor and graphics, you can easily see the number shortcut: The first number after the processor model always designates the generation.

Should you get a 4K monitor?

In everyday use, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. If you are looking for an all-rounder for surfing, for videos and other everyday tasks, you can usually access without hesitation. Only those who want to play with the display should pay attention – here it needs very potent hardware so that the games can also be displayed in native resolution. If you really want the best in screen resolution, you should always consider getting a 4K monitor with a thin bezel.

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