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Lisbon Zoo

Lisbon Zoo houses approximately 2000 animals and attracts nearly a million visitors each year.

It's very much a zoo that's in development, continually improving its facilities and adding to the range of species on display



Lisbon Oceanorium

The Oceanorium opened its doors for the first time for the Universal Exposition in 1998. It was created to demonstrate the idea that the various seas and oceans on our planet come together to form one gigantic ocean. With more than 10,000 plants and animals of more than 250 different species, the Oceanarium is composed of 5 major habitats.

The large central tank (16,000 cubic feet) represents the Global Ocean, while the 4 coastal habitat tanks recreate, respectively, the North Atlantic, the Antarctic Coast, a temperate coastline in the Pacific with its forests of giant kelp, and the Tropical Indian Ocean with its coral reefs

There are a total of 30 aquariums in the Oceanorium containing more than 23,000 cubic feet of salt water. Every tank offers a treasure trove of marine life. You won't believe your eyes!


The most surprising thing is that the animals (land animals or amphibians) move about right next to visitors, without fences or any other kinds of protection. You really begin to believe you're there in the ocean with them.

Besides all the spectacular aspects to your visit (the huge shark in the central tank sends chills down your spine), the Oceanorium is also a very educational experience. You'll learn a lot: names of fish, land animals, all about the different climates, etc. This is definitely a visit for the whole family.

Lisbon Culture

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