Should you get a Thrusting Vibrator or a Normal one? Read this to find out!

There’s a raging debate in the online sex community these days. One-half of the world would bet their money on vibrator dildos to be the golden crown of sex toys, while the other half would bet on thrusting vibrators to be their true elixir of orgasm.

In this article, I have considered the most critical factors and given you a fair analysis of how these two toys differ and aspects in which they are pretty similar. I’d say these two categories are not much different. I mean, yea, they have the common goal of giving you some fantastic orgasms and are both insertable toys, but how they work is a bit different.

The Mechanics

When it comes to any kind of biological product, you should know the machines inside and out. Both thrusting and vibrating sex toys are made based on simple principles. It is a testimony that some of the most amazing pleasures can come from something uncomplex.


Vibrating dildos have a vast buffet of designs and textures. Hence it could take a few moments of trial and error to find the correct one for your body. Inside the cover, however, they’re pretty much alike. Powered by eccentric rotating motors, they produce different vibrations as the parts wobble. The more the wobble, the more the vibration!

Thrusting Toys

Thrusting vibrators are meant to emulate the natural sensation of a thrusting penis. They have similar motors as regular vibrators but also have extenders that help expand and contract the toy. Different types of thrusting sex toys use different technologies to produce the pounding effect.

What makes them awwsome!

Because of their different ways of inducing an orgasm, the thrusters and vibrators feel suitable for different reasons.

Vibrating Toys

Vibrators can be used on any erogenous zone of the body. Whether you try it on the nipples, penis, or clitoris, it stimulates nerves deep below the skin. This helps in releasing far more endorphins than other forms of touching.

This means vibrators are great tools for orgasm and can also be used as “feel-good” devices.

Thrusting Toys

For thrusting toys, the cause is more obvious: they feel good only because they imitate the feeling of real sex. Using the thrusting end, you get to hit those deep spots. However, unlike a real man, the thrusting vibes are also tireless, more “thrusty,” and faster than your average sex partner! So you can have extended hours of unlimited pleasures!

Different Types of Thrusters and Vibrators

A vast range of thrusting and vibrating sex toys is available. To experience the range of sensations available, you can try experimenting with various kinds in each category.

Vibrating Toys

Bullets: the smallest and thus the most discreet women’s sex toy. Also, the best way to a quick n’ easy orgasm.

Vibrating plugs: vibration in the anus activates all those “neglected” nerves deep in your butt. Try it out, and you’ll be amazed at how good this feels.

Vibrating dildos: In most cases, the vagina is much less sensitive to vibrations than the vulva or clitoris. So make sure to get a vibrating dildo with bunny ears for the best results!

Thrusting Toys

Dildos: There are some dildos on the market capable of mimicking the pounding action of the penis. These types of toys just have a spring motor inside that expands and contract the elastic dildo so that you can sit back and experience a hands-free session of masturbation.

Toys That can Thrust and Vibrate

Thrusting vibrators: These toys give you the best of both worlds. They give you the nerve-wracking sensation of a vibrator and also let you have a hands-free solo session. Nothing in any sex store can give you an orgasm like thrusting vibrators.


Should you choose a thruster or an ordinary vibrator?

Now that you know the differences and similarities between thrusters and vibrators, you’re ready to answer the most critical question: which one is right for you?

The world of adult entertainment requires you to try and test things out. Sure our article might help you make your first move; however, unless you experiment, you will not know what your body truly craves.

The end goal of buying sex toys should be nights to remember. Nights where you had the loudest and the most satisfying orgasms. With all that being said, here are some recommendations that might help you choose your first/following toy:

If you’re…

  • Looking for something discreet:
    Go for a bullet vibrator. Thrusting toys tend to be significant, and their purpose tends to be quite obvious. So you won’t be able to get the best of those until you’re willing to be loud and proud!
  • Insatiable in bed!:
    If you consider yourself challenging to please, go for the thrusting vibrators. These monsters have cracked the toughest nuts and would surely satisfy your inner demon.
  • Looking to spice things up in a marriage/relationship:
    Once again, I’d recommend thrusting vibrators, especially if you’re looking for double-hole pleasures. If you want to stay a bit vanilla, getting an ordinary clitoral vibrator should be enough.

If you’re convince, head on over to Twice Tonight for your new thrusting vibrator toy today.